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Why Is An Eco-Friendly Auckland Carpet Cleaner Service in Better?


Why would you employ an eco-friendly carpet cleaner rather than a traditional carpet cleaner? Why do you need a carpet cleaner in the first place? Both of those concerns about carpet cleaning, and specifically an eco-friendly Auckland carpet cleaner will be addressed in this post.


Why Do You Need To Hire An Auckland Carpet Cleaner?


In the first place, let us look at the second question as it is an easier question to answer.


apartment carpetSome people don’t treat their carpets with great respect. The dirt, dust, and other particles are removed by frequent vacuum cleaning and assume the caret is now clean. Generally, it is not. This is strong experience from an Auckland carpet cleaner.


In simple terms, the easy items to clean from a dirty carpet are the surface dirt and debris. The invisible components are the ones that pose the most problems for carpets. Ground-in particles, dust, and grease will make a carpet appear flat and dull, causing the vibrant colours in your carpet to fade.


Particles trapped in carpet fibres may also cause the carpet content to break down, resulting in a carpet’s life being cut short. This is due to the particles rubbing against each other and wearing down the paper.


Furthermore, germs, bacteria, and other potentially dangerous substances, such as pet urine, get stuck in the carpet. This can easily transform into noxious odours and, in some cases, cause respiratory problems.


Overall, if you just vacuum clean your carpet, it will become dingy, smell disgusting, and begin to harbour harmful bacteria and germs over time. It will also begin to deteriorate more quickly.


It is best to hire a skilled carpet cleaning service to help alleviate the problems associated with a carpet that receives only basic care.


Why do you employ an eco-friendly carpet cleaning service instead of a normal one now that we know you need to hire a carpet cleaner to get truly clean carpeting?


Going to the first question above, what is the difference between eco-friendly carpet cleaning and traditional carpet cleaning?


Auckland carpet cleanerPlant-based materials are commonly used for eco-friendly carpet cleaning services. Typical over-the-counter and industrial-grade solutions, on the other hand, are manufactured with harsh chemicals and other addictive drugs. These can be good at destroying germs and cleaning up messes, but they appear to persist and irritate people. The scent alone can drive people insane, and if a chemical’s entirety has not been properly removed, it can be very harmful.


Think About Your Personal Safety


You wouldn’t want to breathe in toxic substances, so what about your kids or pets? If left untreated, any type of nasal irritant can cause breathing and lung problems. Perchlorethylene, or perc, is a common ingredient in cleaning products. Fatigue, nausea, nerve damage, kidney issues, and dizziness are also possible side effects. Another common ingredient derived from coal tar is napthalene. Because of its terrible impact on the nervous system, this is not something that should be breathed in.


When it comes to changing the dingy look of an old carpet, harsh additives like that might get the job done, but they’re difficult to get rid of completely. If they continue to persist, the dangers to your family can become very serious. Most households, sadly, do not take this into consideration.


How Does Carpet Cleaning Affect The World Around You?


Traditional carpet cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals. When these are flushed down the drain after cleaning your carpets, they go into the water system where they add to the cleaning process and costs.


Regular carpet cleaners also use much more water than an eco-friendly one and we have seen the water supply problems in Auckland over recent years. By hiring an eco-friendly carpet cleaning company, you will be doing your bit for conserving the water supply.


With all forms of toxins running rampant, the environment is already under enough stress. Why add to the problem if you don’t have to?


Professional Carpet Cleaning Services or Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning?


You can easily learn how to make your own cleaning solutions using environmentally-friendly ingredients, but figuring out how much of each ingredient you’ll need can be challenging. It’s also difficult to tell whether you’re going far enough into the fibres. Many DIY carpet cleaning attempts just scratch the surface of the problem rather than getting to the root of the issue. Consider hiring a professional service to complete the task for you if you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish.


Final Thoughts on Auckland’s Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaners


With this in mind, more families are turning to green, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services. Of course, the decision is ultimately yours, but for all of the benefits, it’s difficult to justify using chemical-based solutions. Eco-friendly is the way to go if you want to keep your house safe and the environment a little less polluted.


If you want to protect the environment, then consider using an Auckland eco-friendly carpet cleaning company. Go Green Carpet Cleaning is one so give them a call on 0800 398722 or email on