A Manukau Lawyer Can Help With Many Types Of Legal Problems


3 Less Common Reasons You Might Want To Consult A Manukau Lawyer


People know that lawyers are available to help you with the big things in life, often they are involved in everything from the creation of a prenuptial agreement for a family to end of life care and beyond. They help you buy or sell property, get settlements, settle divorces, and help ensure that custody of children and pets can be worked out in a manner that works for all parties. But that isn’t all that a Manukau lawyer can do. Knowledge of the law extends to many obscure corners of human need and interest, and your local lawyer may actually be able to help you with more than you know. Here are three uncommon reasons you might want to consult with a Manukau lawyer.


  1. Setting Up A Business


Businesses mean contracts and paperwork, and unsurprisingly a large amount of that paperwork has legal requirements attached. The biggest mistake people make when starting a business or trying to invest in one that they think looks interesting is not getting a lawyer involved. Both parties, not just the one drawing up the original contracts, should talk with a lawyer before establishing any kind of business deal.


Even small term investments can benefit from talking with a lawyer and having them look over the paperwork. This type of consulting can help catch clauses that would otherwise cause problems down the road. Often contracts can be re-written to better serve both parties in the long term.


  1. Help With Taxes


While an accountant can help you prepare your taxes, once you own your own business or have enough investments, the minutia of tax code is more legal than numbers. The ins and outs of tax law is something that many firms are very familiar with and are able to help their clients with. Lawyers can often help establish trusts and find ways to maximize tax deductions that basic accounting practices are unable to recall. Most good accounting firms actually have several lawyers on staff to make sure that they are covering all of their bases for all of their clients.


  1. Before Publishing A Book


Manukau LawyerPublishing a book is something a lot of people are thinking about after nearly a year indoors, who doesn’t want to tell their story and maybe make some money. But many people don’t realize that the contracts put into place for their books will actually control how much of their story they own, who they can tell about their life in the long run, and even who can profit off of their image. Consulting a lawyer before signing a publishing contract can help keep your personal life yours, rather than giving complete control to the company in question.


Summary – Hiring A Manukau Lawyer

There are many other reasons to consult with a lawyer, and many of them are overlooked by people every single day. If there is a contract or a legal decision involved, you might actually be better off talking to a lawyer before you sign on the dotted line. Consulting fees tend to be rather cheap, so why not save yourself from future legal fees?

McVeagh Fleming is an experienced law firm in Manukau. They are not a solo-operator nor are they too big. If you have any legal issues like those above or the more common problems like real estate, wills and contracts, contact them via this website.